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Speaking the truth – or no more Green lies


Mark Lynas, a once rabid campaigner against GM crops, reveals how he led a campaign based on no evidence whatsoever and the reaction of the Green movement to his revelations of their lies and deceits.

Read the whole article, quotes do not give the full flavour

His speech in which he made his recantation is here.

It is interesting to speculate how it is that no one in the media saw fit to investigate the Green movement claims and establish the veracity or otherwise of them. One is left wondering whether because the initial primary target was Monsanto, a major US corporate, that prejudice against business may well have been a reason for the lack of critical questioning.

Interestingly one of Lynas reasons for recanting was his realisation that if you believe in Climate Change, as he does, you cannot claim it is supported by science and then rubbish science when it comes to GM. There is an inherent and major inconsistency if you hold to that stance.

The article points out that the anti nuclear stance taken by environmentalists has increased Climate Change as almost invariably the replacement ofr nuclear power has been coal driven power stations. Funny that!

Will Storr’s article highlights Lynas’s comments on the human cost due to the Green stance against Golden Rice. A stance they should be ashamed of and which should cause donors to Green causes to think very seriously about any further giving at all.

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