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Adam is sick and tired of…..


1 Complaisant media parroting Green and Labour  attack lines and not subjecting issues to proper analysis

2 Kneejerk reactions from the likes of Annette Sykes to the appointment of Susan Devoy as Race Relations Commissioner

3 Media reporting of Novopay issues

4 Teacher unions

5 The pronounced anti-business bias in media

6 The morons who insist o driving the wrong way in car parks

7 People in large 4WD who cannot drive them properly and hog parking spaces with them

8 The ongoing constitutional review which appears to be taking place in secret and will doubtless enshrine the Treaty and all sorts of other PC nonsense in any recommendations

9 The failure of the MSM to adequately analyse and comment on Russel Norman’s economic pronouncements

10 Idiots who write to the papers saying, for example, that John Key should not have gone to South America whilst the drought was on, as he was needed to fix it. The drought is a natural occurrence, John Key cannot fix it. No doubt these idiots believe in the efficacy of rain dances and human sacrifice to propitiate the gods.

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