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Unnecessarily cumbersome – a massive understatement


The DomPost ran an editorial on the Novopay mess and finished with these words:-

The Ministry of Education should then turn its mind to addressing one of the underlying issues that has been blamed for Novopay’s woes.

The extraordinary complexity of the school payroll, with 15 separate collective agreements throwing up thousands of possible permutations, is unnecessarily cumbersome.

Surely, it can be made more simple.

The key element in the Novopay debacle? Now this was not the only cause, but given the Ministry had decided upon a package solution and not bespoke, then why did they not do what every adviser surely would have told them, that is review, simplify and amend processes and awards to fit the system. Avoid customisation like the plague should have been the mantra.

‘Unnecessarily cumbersome’ surely the understatement of the year, if not the decade in so far as NZ IT projects are concerned.


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