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Adam is sick and tired of….


1 Grant Robertson and his silly suggestions over John Key’s past childhood friendship with Ian Fletcher now GCSB head.

2 Green MPs who in yet another demonstration of their stupidity suggested Key’s relationship with Fletcher was sinister

3 The MSM who did not label these silly suggestions as stupid and thus lent some credence to them

4 Mallard and Hipkins for staging their silly protest at Question Time and rudeness to the Speaker

5 Pita Sharples and his desire to hold the Maori Party leadership forever

7 So called leaks of data from government agencies which somehow always seem to go to those inclined to set out to embarrass the government

8 The hypocrisy of the Labour Party

9 David Shearer

10 David Cunliffe’s economic idiocy

  1. Chip permalink
    31/03/2013 10:27

    Point 8 should be permanently at number 1. Although, the constant reminder might drive people to insanity.



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