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Mind blowing, vomit inducing


hypocrisy from Labour is not unusual in NZ, but recently it has plumbed even lower depths in the sewage than Adam, a natural cynic, would have thought possible.

For example:

1 Shearer saying when Labour return to power they will reform electricity industry to make power cheaper for elderly and poor.  This from a party that cynically raised prices when in office, by some estimates 4 billion dollars in excess, to pay for electoral bribes and social engineering. In addition the anti-sales mantra has been that the power companies make good money so that they should not be sold. Now it appears Shearer and Labour propose to make companies lose money by subsidizing power to their electors. Shearer channeling Chavez now!

2 Constant carping and attacking John Key over Fletcher appointment to GCSB, when they shoulder tapped many for roles, eg Mallard and the Setchell imbroglio and blatantly placed their fellow travelers in appointments.

3 Attacking Key for what he said re North Korea, yet when US Secretary of State John Kerry says the same no comment at all

4 The constant failure by the MSM to seriously critique anything said by Labour and the Greens. indeed pronouncements from Russel Norman are treated like the tablets from the Sermon on the Mount

5 The proposition that Key should be aware of and remember everything he has ever done, witnessed, thought, read, seen or heard but it is OK for Shearer to forget a bank account with many thousands of dollars in it

The stench of hypocrisy now permeates the entire Labour Party in NZ along with their blatantly partisan supporters in the media, especially in state funded media.

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  1. 01/05/2013 14:15

    For evidence of no. 4, you only need glace at the “hey Clint” incident, where Hughes clearly never considered that the media might pull him up on his sophistry.

    On the plus side, they did, so we’re not quite at the stage the US is at… yet.


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