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A failure to confront reality!


In an article by the hand-wringing Brian Rudman at the NZ Herald on the iniquity of the government not giving the ‘poor’ millions more was this quote

‘As a school principal asked on radio yesterday, “Who’s going to give them breakfast on the 160 other days of the year?””

Well how about the parents?

Also whilst there is so much angst about poor children, why don’t we address the fact that too many ‘poor’ families have too many children which in many cases causes them to be poor. Also many of these ‘poor’ seem to have cell phones, Sky TV and a smoking habit, yet we are expected to pay for their children’s food, and clothes

Surely it is high past time that government and the social services and ‘do gooders’ confronted this issue of ‘poverty’ caused by feckless parents, rather than expecting the rest of the population to pick up the bill?

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