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The stench of media hypocrisy abounds


Aaron Gilmore was hounded from Parliament, by a baying media pack, for being stupid and big noting at a private dinner.

The media and many commentators united in calling for his head and calling for John Key to take a firm line with his errant list MP.

Yet Adam sees no such clamour when Hone Harawira spits in Parliament as a precursor to bad mouthing the government over the feeding of children in schools. The same Harawira who regularly attacks white people in his speeches. The same Harawira who got a soft interview from Radio New Zealand this am.He made some nonsensical unchallenged claims as to how the NZ$100 million cost of his proposals could be paid for. The same Harawira whose spitting was excused by at least one commentator as Maori culture.

We excoriate Gilmore yet no one calls the racist, rude and obnoxious Harawira to account.

This hypocrisy at best and reverse racism at the worst.


  1. Bernard permalink
    30/05/2013 21:25

    Could be viewed as an improvement as not so many generations ago he would have been spitting blood.


  2. 29/05/2013 12:30

    “Reverse racism”

    No such animal. Racism is racism and Harawira is full of it…


    • 29/05/2013 14:22

      I agree, perhaps I should have termed it ‘white, liberal guilt for imagined wrongs’


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