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Free speech – remember that quaint concept


Karl du Fresne looks at how the right to free speech is being eroded. And there are so many more instances such as:

1 avoiding upsetting our liberal Muslim friends

2 having the temerity to disagree on climate change matters with the vocal arbiters of the ‘proven’ science

3 daring to want to buck the party line at the NZ Greens conference etc, etc

Time was when the defence of free speech was something to be protected at all costs. Yet in recent years the growth of political correctnes,s that insidious concept, has thrown a cloak of acceptability for many over the erosion of freedom.

Funnily enough the charge to erode our hard won  rights has in many cases been led by those who would call themselves liberals, but who in their perverted view of liberalism have become intolerant of dissent and any other view but their own and their followers and fellow travelers. Maybe Orwell’s Brave New World is in the process of arriving after all, but we have not yet recognised the fact.

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