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Who is the leader of the NZ Labour Party?


We know that Russel Norman is the leader of the Opposition.

But now it appears that at least 4 Labour MPs, the Sky City 4, did not see any connection between their ‘leader’s’ condemnation of the Convention Centre deal and their accepting hospitality from Sky City. The argument that they told their hosts they opposed the convention centre deal just does not carry any credibility.

Goff, King and Cosgrove obviously have little respect for Shearer, which tends to suggest that he does not control his party.

In addition various of his MPs seem to be promoting policy different from the so called leader.

David Shearer, dead Labour leader walking!

So who is the current Labour leader?

  1. 16/06/2013 09:03

    The difficulty Grant Robertson has (and with the people around Labour’s inner circle who are Robertson-friendly, he is the power broker) is that caucus no longer chooses the leader. David Cunliffe still lurks behind the scenes, and he is still clearly the party rank and file’s preference, even if his caucus colleagues dislike him.


  2. Paranormal permalink
    15/06/2013 20:57

    I believe them when they say they told their hosts they opposed their hosts convention centre. It’s exactly the sort of behaviour you’d expect from rude, arrogant tossers.


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