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David Shearer in market for seaside property in Arizona


According to Stuff, Shearer demands a ‘fair go’.  Sorry Mr Shearer, Adam thinks you have had that and more. Shearer seems to believe it when as Stuff reports:

Little (Andrew Little) and one-time leadership contender David Cunliffe are both understood to have privately approached Shearer to assure him they were not trying to destabilise his leadership.

Seems to Adam that similar sentiments and comments were uttered by one K. Rudd to a certain Ms Gillard recently and we all know what happened then.

Interestingly the article then goes on to list all those MPs denying the rumours of a spill and how everyone loves Mr Shearer and fully supports him. (Pause for a Tui).

Then the article slips the knife in by finishing with:-

An Auckland Labour source suggested the aim was to replace the current leadership with Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson, former party president Andrew Little and David Cunliffe in the finance role.

All three of the above having just said they fully support Shearer. Yeah Right.

On the basis of the above, Adam thinks Shearer would buy a seaside property in Arizona.


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