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So that’s all right then!


The BBC is reporting:-

A Pakistani Taliban leader has sent a letter to schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, 16, expressing shock that she was shot by Taliban gunmen last year.

The Taliban leader appears to have a very confused view of matters, for example he:-

claims the shooting was not in response to Malala’s campaign for girls’ education, but because she ran an anti-Taliban “smear campaign”.

So does he think the shooting was wrong re the campaign for education, but OK because she was anti-Taliban.

Bizarre, especially when one considers this:-

Writing in his “personal capacity”, Rasheed said he felt “brotherly” emotions towards Malala because they belong to the “same Yousufzai tribe”.

However, he refuses to condemn the attack, saying the judgement on whether it was correct or not should be left to God.

This is precisely the problem with these zealots who seek to excuse their barbarity by claiming everything should be left to God. It would appear that he like many others lacks any moral compass.






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