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Is Labour racist?


It would seem that Labour, under Shearer, may have moved in that direction. His announcement that only Kiwis would be able to buy ‘established houses’ whatever that term turns out to mean seems to indicate so.

The policy is probably full of holes in any event as Australians will be exempted and they are one of the largest purchasers of New Zealand residential property. However it will mean that Brits, Chinese, Samoans, Indians will not be able to buy these properties.

The announcement has been welcomed by Russel Norman, no doubt Lazarus will complete the trifecta.

However, will immigrants be able to buy newly built homes? If so many developers may well prefer to build for immigrants and thus the supply of properties for Kiwi first time buyers may fall.

Furthermore such a policy sends all sorts of negative signals about NZ to foreigners.

Labour and Shearer in their desperation are really sinking to new lows. This is yet another ill thought out policy and one which is likely to have little if any effect on house supply and may well piss off many electors if they think Labour wants to lower their house value.

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