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The stench of hypocrisy emanates from the press gallery


Much media comment at the present on the GCSB bill and the furore, media stoked, over the release of information of phone records to the Henry Inquiry by Parliamentary Services.

Yet given that the GCSB Bill is intended merely to return the situation to that which was believed to exist prior to the Dotcom case, Adam detects a strong stench of hypocrisy from the media. Where were they all when Labour under Clark put this legislation in place some years back? Where was their vaunted watchdog role then? Similarly in respect of many of the other protesters>

  1. 01/08/2013 07:28

    Adam. You can’t possibly believe that Andrea Vance’s telephone records, etc, were collected erroneously (how could that ever happen?), erroneously released (Why? How? Key says he only asked for MP’s details.) and that when Vance’s details arrived, they weren’t looked at. Give.Me.A.Break. You’re not that gullible, are you Adam?
    This business is extremely stinky and Key’s up to his neck in it.


  2. 31/07/2013 20:24

    So you’re okay with the Vance situation, Adam? No worries that her details were requested by the Prime Minister’s office?
    This is going down very badly for Key.
    Very badly indeed.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      31/07/2013 21:44

      My comment was in respect of the apparent acceptability of the bill’s provisions when Clark put them in and the hysteria we see now.

      Re Vance’s telephone records these were apparently not asked for, but were erroneously released based on information to date.


    • Ross Miller permalink
      01/08/2013 08:24

      Robert … pse authenticate your statement that Vance’s records were requested by Key’s office. The information I have was that Key’s office directed that Ministers and their staff were to make their records available. How do you make the leap from that to your assertion?


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