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A disquieting element in Fonterra coverage and comment in NZ


Reading the press, looking at blogs and comments thereon and in the press; plus listening/watching TV/Radio; plus the comments by various politicians it is clear that many people in NZ, including many of those in a position to influence public opinion are either ambivalent at best about business, especially successful business or manifestly hostile to it.

Fonterra through some poor communication, and it would appear planning, has in a number of respects played right into the hands of such individuals.

It will be interesting to watch how this all plays out!

Already it would seem that some take the view that this is the government’s fault, and we can expect calls for robust regulation and indeed effective government ‘management’ of Fonterra. This seems to hark back to a view, by many in NZ, that ‘gummint’ should do everything. Furthermore the usual crop of Luddites and xenophobes seem to be out in force.

  1. john Drinnan permalink
    10/08/2013 15:44

    though of course taxpayers got hit with many of the costs for that one


  2. Cadwallader permalink
    09/08/2013 07:18

    Agree. It is reminiscent of the occasion when a ship ran aground off Tauranga. TV3 got close to blaming John Key for that one, much to the joy of enviro-nazis.


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