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Fonterra – a non NZ perspective #2


From the UK’s Guardian website comes this  Chinese ‘man in the street’ comment on the Fonterra botulism scare:-

Yang Jing, a father from Zhengzhou in Henan province, said that he and his wife fed their child with imported Dutch milk powder and that the scare would not deter them from buying foreign formula.

He pointed out that unlike in the Sanlu scandal – where milk producers deliberately added melamine because it boosted their results in nutritional tests – the problems appeared to have occurred by accident.

“The problem was discovered by New Zealand, not China. I think the quality checking system in western countries is better than ours,” he said.

So it would appear that at least some in the street give Fonterra and by extension NZ some credit for honesty.

That does not excuse what appear to have been some signal failures in Fonterra’s communications, but the response from the above individual if prevalent offers some basis for Fonterra to assume it will be able to re-build it’s position.

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