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Fonterra – some peculiar and disturbing viewpoints


Fran O’Sullivan wrote a useful piece for the NZ Herald. This piece looked at a number of aspects of the matter. Adam will post on the article itself later, probably tomorrow. The immediate subject though is the tone of a number of the reader comments on the article, many were quite logical and made some sound points, but then:-

What’s the fuss about?This is what Kiwis voted for when they voted National.Key started the ball rolling by saying the “clean green Kiwi” image, was basically a load of sales hogwash, not to be taken seriously.Wait till we start poisoning our water and land with Fracking. And then add some oil drilling spills too, just to make the “clean green Kiwi” image as dead as a Dodo.

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”, springs to mind.A substantial pity when you consider the disrespect, destructiveness and mind boggling insane, stupidity of it all.

The commentator implying this incident was essentially caused by John Key and National.; and then this one:-

Look what has happened. The same company this week gets fined a really small fine for “price fixing”, are you kidding me, wake up,its about the figures, not about the product – they sell trash at any cost. Also, then they sell “a known” diseased food to the public and get snapped for it. This is life in prison, and more so overseas, it is the death penalty for blatant and known things like this! And as before, they sit there watching the stock market and their precious shares go down instead of trying to fix the diseased food supply chain they have caused. They got caught only because a single person dobbed them in, otherwise they would have left the diseased food to circulate and be consumed by babies and everyone else, as it is not only in the baby formula. These are a bunch of old grey haired mafia type dudes who live by the dirty money they make at any cost. They will do anything to make another buck and now they have actually hired John Key, another Mafia figure to do the talking for them and to try and simmer the fire they have started.

This company, Fonterra, is only a company, and its days are numbered. A very silly person will be a person who still buys its products!

There were also a number that essentially took the line that given China’s past record they should not criticise NZ. But the two noted above were two of the more bizarre and illogical.
What is of great concern, at least to Adam, is the anti-business attitude displayed by so many in NZ, plus the virulent hatred displayed by a number of people for business people. It is extremely disturbing.
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  1. Roustabout permalink
    08/08/2013 23:12

    Given what my child “learns” at school, I am not surprised at all. Too many in education, the media and government have spent decades assailing commerce and demonising those successful in business. We have become a nation that worships mediocrity and are spiteful and jealous of those who have more. I hope that rot can be excised, but I fear it is close to becoming terminal.



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