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China announces new regulation of milk baby formula market


From China Daily:

China Food and Drug Administration, the nation’s top food quality regulator, urged food safety authorities across China on Friday to intensify their supervision of baby formula manufacturing to ensure the safety of the product.

The announcement came after several companies were found to have imported milk contaminated by Clostridium botulinum, one of the strongest toxins that can destroy the human neuron system, which was produced by Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter.

Food safety supervision authorities at all levels should set up special teams to lead supervision of baby formula, according to the announcement.

They should intensify inspection of baby formula manufacturers and urge them to eliminate potential quality risks, according to the announcement.

Food safety authorities should also urge manufacturers to make certain managers specially responsible for food safety, the announcement said.

Whether this is aimed specifically at Fonterra or is  part of a general regulatory tightening given impetus by the Fonterra botulism scare is hard to say, but Adam considers it imperative that Fonterra ensure that they fully understand just what the new rules will be. In addition NZ’s Ministry of Primary Industries should likewise ensure that they fully understand the new rules. After all we do not want a repeat of the recent debacle with regard to meat exports, which may well have been caused by a typically NZ somewhat laissez-faire attitude.

Furthermore neither Fonterra nor NZ can afford any more stuff ups.

It might be desirable that NZ invites China to regularly visit the relevant Fonterra sites so that they can see for themselves the standards and practices followed. Adam understands that such a practice is followed in certain parts of the meat industry.

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