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Sacked for stating the obvious


Home paddock draws attention to Cunliffe and the ‘Michie’ case as well


David Cunliffe has stood down one of his volunteers for stating the obvious.

Labour activist Jenny Michie said:

. . .”it would be naive to imagine that there would be no resistance to a gay prime minister at this point – I think some people might have a problem with it but I certainly wouldn’t”.

I don’t see what’s wrong with that?  Some people would have trouble with the idea of a gay Prime Minister.

It’s even less obvious why that statement of fact should cause anyone offence when it’s put in context:

. . . Rachel Okay, Grant Robertson Jennie says that he wants to be judged on his ability, not his sexuality. How do you think the socially conservatives might view Grant Robertson you know in the year 2013?

Jennie That’s right, I think it’s not a big a deal as it used to be. You know we…

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  1. 12/09/2013 16:40

    Cunliffe did the right thing. He’s better at this than Key, that’s why you fear him. You to, Keeping Stock. Cunliffe will destroy your hopes for National.



    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      12/09/2013 20:53


      You have allowed yourself to be beguiled by Cunliffe, rather than assessing him rigorously. Never mind you will come to see that your idol is flawed and seriously so.


  2. 11/09/2013 20:59

    Cunliffe’s comment yesterday was interesting, about Labour needing to demonstrate a perception of unity. This incident merely highlights that unity within the Labour caucus is going to be just a perception at very best. I suspect though that whoever wins, it won’t take long for civil war to erupt.


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