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More drivel, this time from Stuff


A ‘reporter’ has an ‘article’ about John Key’s UK trip. Somehow the ‘reporter’ seems to think it important to start the ‘article’ as follows:-

An over-dressed Prime Minister John Key

The other attendess were apparently in more casual attire at the UK Conservative Party retreat. Yet as the ‘article’ notes Key then went on to

Key went on to a wreath-laying ceremony at the Bomber Command war memorial in London’s Green Park and to a meeting with Labour leader Ed Miliband. Key raised concerns with Miliband over the rights of Kiwis to stay on in the United Kingdom as visa-eligibility rules have tightened.

Perhaps Mr Key wanted to avoid any possible delays caused by traffic or other issues, and thus dressed for the day accordingly.

Again we see a so called journalist focusing on irrelevancies.

What might be termed a real Stuff Up.

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