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Watching what TVNZ laughingly call NZ’s leading news hour, Adam had the misfortune to see an item about John Key’s visit to Balmoral. At least twice we were told Mr Key was on a holiday there. Once the comment was about a lavish holiday at Balmoral.

Who writes this drivel for TVNZ.

Key is there to discuss NZ with HM, Adam does not think a Balmoral weekend is a holiday, it is a signal honour for NZ and Key to be invited, the first NZ PM to be so.

It might have been more appropriate for TVNZ to note that fact, instead of somewhat snide comments about holidays.

  1. pdm permalink
    22/09/2013 12:47

    They could not resist commenting that the Queen arrived about 30 minutes before the Key family and she was driving a range rover.

    mrs pdm and I have driven to the gates at Balmoral – perhaps the authorities should have kept the TVNZ people on the other side of the bridge that leads to them.


  2. 22/09/2013 10:15

    Adam is dead right. The state broadcaster’s coverage of the PM’s visit to our Head of State has been cringeworthy.


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