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Not govt’s job to diversify economy


Excellent piece from Homepaddock


The news that last summer’s drought had led to slower growth brought predictable responses from the opposition.

They said the government had failed to diversify the economy and we’re too reliant on agriculture.

They’re wrong on both points.

It’s not the government’s job to diversify the economy. That’s the business of businesses.

Even a cursory look at past attempts by governments to interfere in the market shows the dangers in that.

And we’re not too reliant on agriculture.

That we’re good at primary production should be celebrated and appreciated because the demand for what we produce so well is large and growing.

Our climate and soils make us very good at turning grass into protein.

The milk, meat and other food we produce makes a considerable contribution to our exports, but we have several other strings to our trading bow as well.

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