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An embarassing mistake anyone could make!


No doubt any one could make an error in filling out a CV. Perhaps even a little embroidery, though in some situations that is at the least a sacking offence; but it is embarassing.

Yet Adam admits to being bemused by the catalogue of errors that seems to have afflicted poor David Cunliffe’s CV.

The items noted in Andrea Vance’s article being quite interesting.

The error gremlin seems to have been active only in that part of Cunliffe’s CV related to his community work, i.e where no doubt the intent was to show how caring and sharing DC was and is, despite living in Herne Bay.

There were as well some very revealing comments by a spokesperson for Cunliffe:-

A spokesman for Cunliffe confirmed his office had requested work at Auckland City Mission be removed from the webpage. He said it was a “mistake”.

“You’ll find if you go to the page it is already gone.”

His office later clarified and said Cunliffe has in the past delivered food parcels to the Auckland City mission, as a member of St Matthew’s in the City.

Cunliffe was now planning to refresh his biography, the spokesman said.

“Some of it is probably a bit old, and when he updates stuff now that he is leader, it will fall off the lists of stuff.”

To a somewhat cynical old bugger, such as Adam, this is tantamount to saying I will make sure the new version does not include any of the suspect (phony?) items. Therefore giving credence to the allegations of CV embroidery.

Then later in the article Cunliffe’s past claimed role as a PSA official is queried, a matter of some import given his backing from the union movement. No doubt all can be explained.

  1. Richard permalink
    22/09/2013 16:26

    I am another cynical old bugger. This CV drivel coupled with with this from Keeping Stock
    “We may be pale, we may be male, but I promise you, we are not going to be stale,” Mr Cunliffe told TV ONE’s Q and A.” -Really?– is the best the leader of the LP or its leader can do can do?

    “No doubt all can be explained.” I am sure you are right – watch the Government plow into this when JK returns


    • 22/09/2013 17:51

      Quite so Richard; Cunliffe’s words are going to provide plenty of ammunition for his critics; allow me to paraphrase:

      We may be pale, we may be male, but I promise you, comments like this are like oil to the Whale


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