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Slater Snr not part of story


Homepaddock considers a hate piece published in NZ Herald by some so called journalist by the name of Rudman


Brian Rudman’s column in today’s NZ Herald is headlined sex, blogs and right wing plots.

It deals with the revelations about Auckland mayor Len Brown’s affair but only in a peripheral way.

It’s main target is John Slater who chaired the campaign team for Brown’s main rival, John Palino, and is the father of blogger Whaleoil who broke the story of Brown’s infidelity.

It is personal, nasty and completely unwarranted.

I’ve known John for more than a decade from the time he was president and I was an electorate chair in the National Party. I’ve never had any reason to doubt his integrity and I am sure he is often less than impressed by the tone, language and content of some Whaleoil blog posts.

But he can’t be held responsible for what his adult son does nor for not knowing about what he might be doing.

He had nothing…

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  1. 17/11/2013 08:42

    Of course he is, Adam. He’s part of a small, tight team whose mission it was to expose the mayor and pressure his resignation. If in fact he didn’t know, he’s been made a fool of by his own team. Tells you a lot about them either way.


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