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Lou Reed



Lou Reed died a few days ago. He did not pass, or any of the other euphemisms so often employed by the media. He died. Adam is sorry about that, as he thinks Lou Reed was one of the true giants of rock music with a remarkable talent as a songwriter.

This tribute at the Telegraph UK discusses the writer of the articles assessment of Reed’s 10 best. Complete with You Tube clips of each

Personally Adam thinks Walk on the Wild Side was possibly the best, or perhaps Perfect Day or………

As Neil McCormick  whose selections are referenced above, noted in another article , Lou Reed:-

was a rock and roll genius. He was also unarguably, an artist, an overused word in pop culture.

Reed’s seminal New York outfit The Velvet Underground shaped the future of music every bit as profoundly as more commercially celebrated figureheads like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

His association with Andy Warhol in the Sixties came about because the two men grasped that popular commercial forms of creativity had an intrinsic value because they connected to people in the contemporary moment, realigning the very parameters of modern art.

At his most accessible, Reed created recordings of such depth, beauty, brilliance and dark energy that they will live on for as long as songs are sung. At his least accessible, he created music that pushed the frontiers of rock out in multiple different directions that are still being explored today.

Walk on the Wild Side Mr Reed for now and forever

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