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Six months and 30kg


Well another milestone reached on Adam’s quest for weight loss and improved fitness. On Thursday I achieved the significant milestone of notching up 30 kilograms of weight loss.

In the last 6 months I have lost the 30 kilos. This has been a major effort, but it is worth it. From a health perspective it has paid off and continues to do so. I just wish I had recognised earlier the extent to which my weight had got out of control.

Roll on the next 10 kilos of loss.

Now to think about exercise.

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    22/11/2013 08:52

    Good work. Keep it up.
    My doctor has told me to reduce the poundage coz of a family diabetes issue.
    While a mere 96kg he wants me under 87kg (a weight I have been now-where near for 15 years).
    It’s downsizing the portions and upping the exercise time. Hard work in both senses but a start has been made and 1.5 kg have gone.


  2. Paul permalink
    22/11/2013 07:46

    How about a post outlining how you did it? I suspect that many of us who earn a living at a keyboard could afford to shed a few blocks of butter (thanks for image, Ele!), and would be interested in what worked for you.


  3. Paranormal permalink
    17/11/2013 11:27

    Well done Adam.


  4. 17/11/2013 08:39

    You’re visualizing Adam’s lost fat, Ele?
    Good work Adam.


  5. 17/11/2013 08:26

    I’m visualising more than 60 blocks of butter that you’re no longer carrying round. That’s very impressive.


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