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Coms staff better than polls


Ele has picked up on an interesting theory bruited by Trans-Tasman. One might infer that despite many in the media overtly and sometimes covertly supporting Cunliffe their belief in the Messiah is not unbounded


An interesting observation from Trans Tasman:

There is also an elephant in the room for Labour – around staff appointments. Usually when a party gets closer to Govt it has no difficulty hiring new communications staff. Most mornings, back in 1997-99, Labour MPs would trip over CVs shoved under the door by would-be spinmeisters. Same for National, 2006-08. But several luminaries of spin, not to mention a few Labour leaning press gallery types, have given David Cunliffe an “I’m flattered, maybe even a little curious, but no thanks” answer when approached.

This is probably a better pointer to next year’s election than iPredict, or any polls.

We can hope.

Which is why Cunliffe appointed his cousin to the job this week. No one else – well, no one who was any good – wanted the job.While Cunliffe says he recused himself from the selection process, we can probably put…

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