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Weight Loss Update – Loss to date 32kgs


As of this morning Adam has lost 32kgs in weight.

In addition he has begun to increase his level of physical activity with a good walk most days . He walked some 3.6 kms this morning. He has walked an increasing distance most days recently.

In addition apart from continuing to benefit from using the MyFitnessPal app, he has discovered Walking Calorie Burn calculator. This allows a more precise calculation of calorie burn from walking. This site has a number of other calculators and related useful information.

My efforts continue!

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  1. Anfiska permalink
    14/12/2013 00:37

    Optimal body’s weight is a pledge for your health. If you don’t eat much and if you don’t eat harmful food you will stay healthy, full of enegry and optimism until deep oldness. So, burn your fat, inspire others to do it and stay happy and healthy!


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