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Shonky cartooning at DomPost


There is a so called cartoonist Hodgson plying his/her trade at The DomPost. The following was today’s rather feeble effort

hodgson 17 dec

Adam’s  concern is with the depiction of the moon with a sign saying Chinese Takeaways in the upper left of the cartoon. The cartoon was mediocre in Adam’s opinion, but the Chinese takeaway reference was, Adam considered,gratuitous and calculated to arouse the always present xenophobic feeling about Asians, especially Chinese in NZ. The reference added absoutely nothing to the cartoon, it was just insulting and demeaning to a whole race.

  1. 19/12/2013 20:19

    Bring back Tom Scott. Generally a leftie but at least with an original quirky way of expressing it.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      20/12/2013 12:30



  2. 18/12/2013 20:50

    I so totally agree.stromboli


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