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Adam is pissed off with


the stream of people who purport to speak on his behalf. Every day it seems as though some self appointed spokesperson, (btw whatever happened to spokesman or spokeswoman, why FFS do we use this genderless phraseology?) claims that he/she/it speaks on behalf of Kiwis, New Zealanders, in seeking to object/deny/promote some cause or other.

Well they do not speak for Adam. My bloody oath they do not speak for him. Adam is perfectly capable of speaking for himself. He does not need some self important little runt to speak for him (have you ever noticed how many of these people tend to be of small physical stature). Now of course that it is election year we will have even more of these obnoxious beings speaking about how the voters are against this or that, that Kiwis will not stand for this etc, etc, blah, de blah. Frankly, Adam could not give a toss for them. Adam can think for himself. Furthermore he gives his fellow residents of New Zealand the courtesy of assuming that they are capable of doing so as well. So whoever you might be, Green, Luddite, Labour, ACT, National please stop patronizing Adam by saying you speak on his behalf.  So bugger off and stop laying claim to that which you do not possess .

  1. adamsmith1922 permalink*
    11/01/2014 21:37

    I am part Irish


  2. 11/01/2014 21:25

    Hello, Adam.

    Why 1922? Irish independence?



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