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Weight Loss Update – 36kg lost to date


Adam weighed himself this morning and found to his pleasure and delight that he had now lost 36 kgs. This is 4 kg less than on December 12 last year when he last blogged on weight loss. Since 11 May last year Adam has lost 36 kg. This has been accompanied by significant improvements in his health and general well being, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol being just 2 of direct benefits.

Have recently been walking a lot more frequently to improve fitness. Adam is using Runkeeper to record the details. The application is OK, but has some annoying aspects and the Android app does not work as well as it might at times, but loath to change now started.

Anyway, today was a great day, as not only was the weight down, but achieved a walking target. To Adam’s surprise his goal of being able to walk 5km in an hour or less was achieved this morning when he managed 5 kms at average 11 mins 59 seconds. Adam’s goal was to achieve this by end February. So far since 2014 began Adam has walked a total of 60.4 km, as against not wanting to really walk distances at all before he started on the weight loss programme. To really make his day, Adam discovered that he could now fit back into several pairs of tailored trousers which he had previously been unable to wear for a long time.

Adam is firmly of the opinion that keeping a comprehensive food diary, for which he uses MyFitnessPal, is a key element in his success.

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    16/01/2014 11:22

    Very well done sir.
    Keep up with the walking.
    Not only healthy I find it enables me to mull over and sometimes solve problems as I go. I am also getting to see interesting bits of my neighbourhood that otherwise would not get a look in.


    • adamsmith1922 permalink*
      16/01/2014 11:30

      Likewise, have found places never knew existed.


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