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More media bias – Radio NZ of course


Caught a few minutes of Morning Report today. The topic was John Key’s announcement on education. Geoff Robinson, think it was he, noted that it had received cautious welcome from educationalists and then quoted a union leader. It is stretching the description of educationalist to include a teachers’ union leader as one, in Adam’s humble opinion.

Yet again we see the inherent bias in Radio New Zealand’s coverage of the news and current affairs.

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  1. 24/01/2014 10:10

    Well said Adam. I made a rare visit to Radio New Zealand this morning where Hekia Parata gave a very good account of herself on the Nine to Noon programme. That she was followed by a visiting American academic spouting Green/Labour Party socialist propaganda was both a cue for me to switch stations, and a reminder why I so seldom listen to RNZ.


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