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Great day today – have now lost 39kgs, walked over 10 kms


Adam was delighted this morning when he weighed in and found he had now lost 39 kgs since he started his diet and exercise regime in May 2013.

His delight was increased when he achieved 2 more of his exercise goals for 2014 as well. on a lovely day for a walk, especially along the Hutt River, he walked just on 11 kms. The best bit being that he did 10kms in just under 2 hours. This meant that Adam had met his 10 km walk target earlier than his goal of June 2014. In addition he achieved 2 other goals, one was to walk 5 kms at an average of under 12 mins a km. This was done. Furthermore the 10kms was covered at an average of 11 mins 50 secs per km. Now this is probably not much to a power walker, but for Adam this is a great change from just a few months ago.

In fact since 2 January Adam has now walked a total of 198 kms in measured walks. Currently he is trying for an average of 5 kms per day, 6 days per week.

Adam uses MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper as tools to help him and the Walking Burn Calculator. These work for Adam, but others might find alternative approaches work for them.

Key to the whole issue has been Adam’s recognition that he needed to deal with his weight problem. He is doing so. This is not something that can be done for him or enabled by soda taxes, fat taxes or regulation. Adam has had to, as they say, own the problem and deal with it. No one else can do it for him.

  1. Paranormal permalink
    19/02/2014 13:47

    Well done Adam. If I lost 39kgs I’d be half the man I am now!


  2. Quintin Hogg permalink
    18/02/2014 16:03

    Well done sir.
    The next trick is to keep that weight off.


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