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Now then who does not count?


Scan 2-03-2014 6.33 pm-page11The little piece above is from Monday’s DomPost.

Labour are taking their so called Best Start policy to the people. Don’t you just love that patronising tone. Though to be fair the phrase might have been the journalists.

The reason for the post is two fold, as the item can be read two ways at least.

Initially Adam thought the item illustrated why National Standards in reading, writing and arithmetic were a good idea. Because 4 Labour MPs were named in the item, but headline read trio. So perhaps the journalist, trained and skilled as WhaleOil is wont to say, needed remedial arithmetic. Then a more subversive thought occurred to Adam. Perhaps the DomPost was making a subtle point. Perhaps the item inferred that although 4 were named, the quartet was in effect only a trio as one of their number was of no consequence.

Therefore Adam wonders if his readers could assist him in identifying which of the winsome 4, is the man or woman of no account?

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