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Weight Loss Update – major milestones reached


Adam’s campaign to reduce his weight and improve his fitness continues.

Since he last commented on this around 3 weeks ago he has achieved some major milestones.

1 – He has now lost 40.5 kgs, or 6 stones 5.29 lbs in imperial measurement.

2 – Since beginning of year he has lost 7 kgs, which is a bit over his target of 500gms per week. He attributes this to his walking programme.

3 – Adam has walked 300 kms between 1 January and today. His average pace in week 1 was 12 mins 18 secs per km and this last week this had reduced to 11 mins 46 secs per km. There have been some ups and downs, but the trend has been downwards.

4. Adam’s BMI has come down 11 points, but is still too high.

5. His neck, chest and waist have all substantially decreased in size.

6. His blood pressure is much improved.

7 His joints and muscles feel better.

8. Yesterday he did his best ever time for 6kms plus and today his best ever time for just over 1 km. Boy did it feel good.

Overall he just wishes he had started this earlier.

Best of all Adam feels no sense of loss or deprivation as he continues to eat a wide range of foods and has some red wine or good English cider from time to time.

  1. Quintin Hogg permalink
    13/03/2014 08:29



  2. lee permalink
    10/03/2014 23:09

    I have lost plenty of lbs in the past 6 months just by one Daily Drink and eating normally, some days i may do a little walk but that is it. Weight loss


  3. 10/03/2014 01:30

    Weight-loss turned out to be really rather simple. Just eat digestible foods. I did it and lost 40 kg (6.5 stone) and a chronic ear infection.
    See here: If I can do it anyone can.


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