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Knew it was an aberration


This morning Adam opined on his Facebook page:-

When TVNZ introduces an item with the words ‘David Cunliffe’s latest debacle’ and Radio NZ has Guyon and Susie running several little negative items re Cunliffe in a row, you know that it is game over for Cunliffe. This is reinforced by Campbell getting out a bunch of wet bus tickets last night and slapping Cunliffe around with them.

Then this afternoon whilst driving back from an appointment he heard part of Jim Mora’s Panel Show. The panellists were David Slack and Dita de Boni. Subject as you would expect was Cunliffe’s latest imbroglio; the comments and attitudes expressed were true to form as regards this show and Radio NZ normally, ie it was all down to the evil National Party, Cunliffe was hard done by etc, etc. If David Slack could have found more ways to give Cunliffe victim saint status ,no doubt he would have. Clearly Radio NZ had a brain fart on Morning Report and have spent the rest of the day making up for it.

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