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Barefaced cheek


There is a good old fashioned phrase ‘barefaced cheek’ , defined as used to describe someone’s behaviour when you want to emphasize that they do not care that they are behaving wrongly; alternatives include shameless and brazen. This came to mind when watching David Cunliffe on both The Nation and Q & A this weekend.

Cunliffe who has been in full bore preachy mode for weeks if not months as he attacks the government on donations and related matters, aided and abetted by Grant Robertson, now when exposed along with his party as neck deep in the poo, is seeking to claim that New Zealanders are not interested in all this stuff and want to hear about the real issues. Given that it has been Cunliffe and his minions who have been raking the muck and claiming the muck is what New Zealanders want to hear about, this is hypocrisy and effrontery of the rankest kind.

Like many who seek to preach from the moral high ground of their virtues he and his have been found to have been vain glorious and are now brought down by their own hubris and over weening sense of self righteousness.

Yet still the media do not really push Cunliffe in interviews on this and still we see the talking head panels seek to defend him.



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