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Outraged of Tunbridge Wells has emigrated to New Zealand


When Adam was a young man and living in England, that green and pleasant land of fond memory, warm beer, cucumber sandwiches and cricket on the village green, there was a category of letter writer to the editor of newspapers such as the Tellegraph referred to in a kind of shorthand as ‘Outraged of Tunbridge Wells’, which instantly summoned a mental picture of a choleric elderly gentleman or lady from a somnolent country town who professed to be outraged, dismayed and disgusted with some recent event. The recent publication of Nicky Hager’s ‘book’ has led Adam to the conclusion that many of these stereotypes have not only emigrated to NZ, but many seem to have gained less than useful employment as hacks and so called journalists. How else to explain the shock, horror occasioned by the publication of the Slater Papers. Adam’s reasoning includes concluding that these people have clearly led very sheltered lives as they have obviously never ever come up against the realities of life, nor visited the public bar of just about any hostelry the world over. No wonder NZ media is such a mess, when so many of it’s leading ‘reporters’ seem to be such precious hothouse flowers that wilt outside the beltway.

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