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Overheard in a Lower Hutt cafe, this morning


Taking a brief break from a shopping expedition, Adam was partaking of a very welcome long black and reading the Hutt News in a cafe on Queens Drive in the Lower Hutt CBD this morning. At the next table were a group of office workers, who it appeared worked at a nearby state agency.

Adam could not help but overhear their conversation. It was about ‘that book’ and that ‘fat German fella”. To summarise the ladies were not impressed by the ‘fat German fells, what’s is name’ and seemed less than impressed with that book and the ‘author’ making money from stolen material. They were more interested in real issues and policies.

As Adam had suspected from the start, Real People see through the flim and the flam. Is seems strange that the media do not. The Hager factor seems more likely to annoy Real Kiwis. Annoyed voters are more likely not to vote or in this case vote National, as they find the opponents so unappealing.

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