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Vandals active in Hutt South


As Adam was out and about the Hutt South electorate today it was apparent that the anti-democratic vandals had been active. Again! Many National billboards had not only been covered in obnoxious graffiti, but severely damaged by portions of the billboard being cut out. Clearly not casual vandalism, but deliberate and dare Adam suggest it, organised as few people typically walk along a street with a box cutter or equivalent just so they can mutilate a hoarding.

Here are some samples of their handiwork, firstly Parkway in Wainuiomata, often referred to as Moa country,

2014-08-22 10.41.20 2014-08-22 10.43.21

There were several others, but you get the drift. Clearly somebody in Wainuiomata is upset by the many blue hoardings appearing in what has long been regarded as Mallard’s stronghold.

Then there were these examples of the vandals skills in Boulcott and Waterloo Road, seen earlier today

2014-08-23 07.07.12


2014-08-23 07.07.35


2014-08-23 07.21.31


2014-08-23 07.21.50Note the common use of box cutters, the eye mutilation and the sheer vitriol and bile of the comments.


To Adam’s mind, these were orchestrated and targetted. As far as Adam saw no other party suffered damage such as this. In nearly all cases the damage was focused on John Key.

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