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Meanwhile on Planet Parker the self delusion and denial continues


Some on the left and in the media refer to Planet Key as a shorthand for John Key not being in the real world. Well it would appear that Labour’s David Parker has discovered a his own planet where he clearly dwells happily undisturbed by any contact with reality, as these extracts illustrate:-

In last Friday’s NBR, Mr Parker is quoted as follows:-

NBR 5 Sept
According to Labour’s Shadow Attorney-General David Parker, allegations arising from the publication of Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics and the steady stream of leaks since are indicative of “a new style of politics.”
“I’ve got no doubt Bill English wouldn’t have done this and he’s as much as said that and neither would Helen Clark,” he says.

This comment caused Adam to recollect a recent article by one Duncan Garner on political sleaze:-

Duncan Garner DomPost
It’s worth noting this shadowy attack-politics stuff is not new and not the sole domain of National.
The then Labour Party president Mike Williams took a well-publicised trip to Melbourne to dig dirt on Key ahead of the 2008 election. It backfired: Labour found nothing and subsequently dropped in the polls.
Helen Clark was probably the biggest gossip of them all when she led the country. She leaked and spread rumours about people and even those in her own team – I wonder how her private communications and those of her senior ministers would look splashed across a book. I bet it wouldn’t be pretty. Her Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels was sacked for allegations ‘‘swirling’’ over allegedly having sex with someone under the age of consent decades previously – it was Clark and her team making them swirl.
Samuels, later exonerated by a police investigation, never got a fair hearing – the ninth floor of the Beehive killed him off. I was with him at his house the night he was sacked – he was devastated and blamed Clark for the dirty tricks.
The murky Left infiltrated a National Party cocktail function in 2008, secretly recorded MPs and leaked them (to me).
I was also involved in a series of stories about former Cabinet minister John Tamihere over financial irregularities at his previous job at the Waipareira Trust which saw him sacked as a minister. When I got home, my house had been broken into. Nothing was taken but all the windows and doors had been left open. TV3 hired a security firm to change the locks, watch my kids at school and investigate the break-in. The firm concluded that someone wanted to frighten me – and we left it there.
I also remember doing business with Labour’s chief of staff Matt McCarten in the 1990s, when he ran the Alliance. Matt was fun and charming – but let’s not kid ourselves, if anyone knew how to run a black ops sting it was him.
Senior Labour ministers and press secretaries rang to point me toward The Standard, a Left-wing blog, to read its vitriol on certain days. Who had written those posts? I’m told many were written under fake names by Labour staffers paid by the taxpayer.

Clearly Mr Parker is in some other universe where there is a parallel world where Helen Clark and the left are as pure as a new born child.

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