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The Saturday Rant – February 28, 2014


Well readers Adam is back after a prolonged absence. He will not bore you with the details as to why he took a blogging vacation.

So why start with a rant, well there is so much to rant about at the moment from the behaviour of the appalling MSM, the pusillanimous posture struck by many politicians over the ISIS threat, especially as much of the posturing seems motivated by a desire to attack John Key rather than principle.

Now to business:-

1 Texting whilst walking

As Adam was taking a mid-morning walk this morning he was forced to divert from his line of progression on the footpath by a young woman who was walking along the pavement, but paying no attention to the surroundings or the need to take account of other people. She was far too busy texting on her phone and with earphones in it was doubtful if she had any spatial awareness at all. then when she almost barged into Adam, he was glared at as if it was his fault. Does nobody ever explain to these ‘people’ that common courtesy requires that they be aware of what is going on around them. Furthermore does anyone really need to text whilst they are walking along the street? Do none of these people have any manners? No doubt to many these days manners are an outdated concept. Philistines!

2 The Cunliffe ‘mispeaks’ again

To use a Hillaryism the behaviour of the erstwhile Labour Leader in mis-speaking yet again, caught using his cellphone whilst driving, but denying knowledge of the law is shocking, but on the other hand typical of Cunliffe and his fellows on the left. Indeed it summons up memories of Bill Clinton claiming that although he smoked marijuana he did not inhale. As usual what Cunliffe says is unbelievable. Literally! Yet this man was seen by many, and indeed still is by some, as the Messiah to lead NZ out of the wilderness. Cough, Cough!

Even the DomPost was somewhat critical:-

New Doc 17_1



No doubt the item was not written by Andrea Vance.

3 Lazarus to stand in Northland

Will this be the last hurrah? As usual he could not speak plainly and only confirmed his intention to stand at the very end. Can we not get rid of this irrelevant distraction? To quote Olver Cromwell’s address to the Rump Parliament in April 1753:-


  • You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

Adam considers Cromwell had it right and Winston should go.



  1. pdm permalink
    06/03/2015 16:13

    I just found these – your absence left a hole in my daily routine.


  2. Alf Grumble permalink
    02/03/2015 09:25

    Good to have you back on the blogging scene.


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