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Adam despairs


The so called Fairfax media is on a concerted campaign this weekend to attack John Key and National. Major articles by the usual suspects – Hager, Watkins and Vance shrieking about the way in which we are in peril from the surveillance machine of GCSB.

Corin Dann on Q&A was positively slavering over a Colmar Brunton poll showing Lazarus and Mark Osborne neck and neck at 36%. Now Lazarus has been around for 40 years and Osborne just over a week. Furthermore TV3 had an earlier poll which showed Lazarus at 35% and Osborne at 30%. appears Osborne has gained traction, but our ‘objective ‘ media seem not to have noticed as they spin for Lazarus and exhibit major case of Key Derangement Syndrome (KDS).

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