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Labour ‘leader’ white ants own candidate


As usual the Labour Party says one thing and does another. Andrew Little, the current Labour Messiah and beloved, this month, of our so-called media, yesterday endorsed (damned with faint praise) his party’s candidate for Northland Willow Jean Prime; yet at the same time intimated he would not be unhappy if Labour supporters voted for Lazarus, the septuagenarian leader of the NZ First cargo cult. This is of course after Labour and their media acolytes and fellow travellers have spent much of the last decade railing against National over tactical voting and so called shonky deals. It seems that hypocrisy and double standards are never far from the surface in the Labour Party. Yet we will have to search very hard to find any of the condemnation and vitriol hurled at John Key, by the media and the Greens,  for doing the same in the past as of course when principled leftists do it the issues is quite different and becomes a moral imperative. Bah humbug!!

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