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The Saturday Rant – 14 March 2015


On a grey Wellington day Adam writes these few lines.

1 The Media

As usual the media gives more time to the oleaginous, septuagenarian than other candidates. The excuse is that Lazarus is a national name. Yet there is little, if any mention, of the fact that the pin-striped one will not be able to deliver on any of his promises. In fact it is this constant lack of any real analysis of issues, and dissection of candidate rhetoric apart from National Bad, anyone else Good that renders the media, with a few exceptions irrelevant.

2 The Greens

The emergence of 2 rational aspirants for the co-leader role in the Green Party regrettably makes it more likely that either Hague or Hughes will get to partner Turei. This means that the Greens are prepared to ditch rationality regarding environmentalism in favour of eco-lunacy. Not unexpected, but good to see it confirmed. Yet again there is little sensible media analysis in this area. Let alone any sensible statements from Turei.

3 Batshit crazy civil liberty groups echo Hager and the Greens

According to UK reports:-

Transcripts have been disclosed of the moment civil liberty campaigners told a Parliamentary committee that terror attacks on the UK are a “price worth paying” to ensure the secret service does not conduct mass surveillance.

Representatives from the groups – including Liberty, Justice and Big Brother Watch – told members that privacy was more important than forms of bulk surveillance.

This is so reminiscent of the nonsense we have been seeing here whre the media foam at the mouth in indignation everytime Saint Nicky writes yet another ‘expose’. Yet the self same media would be equally happy to  attack any government that through meeting all the demands made by people over intelligence enabled a terrorist act. The hypocrisy is sickening


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