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The Saturday Rant – April 4, 2015


Media hypocrisy

This is not a new topic, but Adam is incensed by the way that the media have behaved over Labour’s endorsement of Winston Peters in the Northland by-election. After all the past whining about National doing deals with Peter Dunne and with ACT, nary a word of criticism if any over Andrew Little doing the same thing in Northland.

Furthermore, the over the top exultation by some reporters on the night of 28 March was sickening. This was not reporting, it was an out and out demonstration of how many support the opposition.

Vehicle headlights

Why is it that so many vehicle headlights today, even when supposedly dipped are blinding to oncoming traffic? Are they wrongly adjusted? Do drivers not know to dip their lights, especially in urban environments? Why are the prime offenders drivers in 4WDs?

Is sub-editing a lost skill?

This headline from today’s Dominion Post:


Does nobody actually read copy?
























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