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The Saturday Rant – April 18th 2015


Adam is rather incensed this week about several things.

1 The Flag nonsense

John Key is wasting political capital on the flag change referendum. All he is doing is irritating many natural supporters and handing Winston Peters yet another opportunity to give National and Key a bloody nose. Frankly he should drop the whole idea until after 2018 at least. It is downright insensitive to be doing this now as we embark on several years commemoration of the events in WW! which cost this nation dearly. It is unnecessary; especially if a option is adopting the NZRU emblem or variant thereof.

2 The abhorrent and repellent Taniwha Tax proposed in Auckland.

Auckland Council should be ashamed. All the councillors who allowed this to emerge should be voted out at the next election. This proposal will add yet more cost and delay to infrastructure and housing projects. Furthermore it will fuel a backlash against Maori. It is wrong and should be stopped now. No wonder there is a housing shortage in Auckland. It seems the council and the officials are more concerned with fuelling a shortage not resolving it.

3 Water rights

This issue should be stopped right now. On no account should local bodies be enabled to reach individual accords with iwi. The idea that yet another resource should be allocated to one racial grouping is ludicrous; especially when that grouping is itself essentially mixed race anyway, so pandering to a part of their ethnic mix is just plain wrong.

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