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The Economist on Jeremy Corbyn


The Economist magazine has an editorial piece  on Mr Corbyn. It is worth reading in it’s entirety.

Looking at where the arguments today are regarding society the Economist comments:-

The argument today has moved on—to the growing inequality that is a side-effect of new technology and globalisation; to the nature of employment, pensions and benefits in an Uberising labour market of self-employed workers (see article); and to the need for efficient government and welfare systems. Fresh thinking on all this would be welcome—indeed it should be natural territory for the progressive left. But Mr Corbyn is stuck in the past. His “new politics” has nothing to offer but the exhausted, hollow formulas which his predecessors abandoned for the very good reason that they failed.

Only in the timewarp of Mr Corbyn’s hard-left fraternity could a programme of renationalisation and enhanced trade-union activism be the solution to inequality.

Yes, there are issues that need addressing, but the failed mantras of the past will not lead us to the sunlit uplands conjured by Churchill, but rather to the gulags of Stalin and/or the chaos of Venezuela.

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