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Such a pretty little thing!!!


Over the weekend Adam noticed that various media continued to promote Jacinda Ardern as a probable Labour Leader and Prime Minister, for example Josie Pagani and Fran O’Sullivan on Q&A.

DomPost 09102015

Adam suspects that the rise of Ms Ardern has more to do with the lack of other talent in Labour, and that she is not Cunliffe or Little, and a strong push by Ardern and her backers.

The comments about appearance are silly, as Ms O’Sullivan pointed out Helen Clark’s visage was air brushed enormously so Labour has always been alive to using such tactics as appearance, note indeed Lange having a stomach stapling prior to his first election as leader.

It is of course possible that Mr G Lowe in his widely reported comment was in fact being sardonic!

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  1. Cadwallader permalink
    23/09/2015 06:30

    There has never been an heir apparent to Clark in Labour. After 7 years you’d think their most fervent supporters would recognize the Party’s lack of anyone with a minimum sum of ability!


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