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Duncan Garner joins the PLT Party


It appears that Duncan Garner has joined the PLT Party per these words in his latest opinion piece in The Dominion Post.

They need to now promote Jacinda Arden who last week appeared in the unprompted preferred PM rankings.

She should replace current deputy, Annette King.

King is strong, popular and performs, and my sources tell me there are some who want her to stay as number 2.

But Labour needs to excite the public and signal change and that’s where Ardern comes in.

Adam has a few thoughts on this;-

  • ‘unprompted’ – hmmn, given the amount of MSM coverage Ardern has had, Adam suggests that the prompting has been there. Indeed it has beeen pretty much full-on push for Ardern recently. It might perhaps be appropriate to suggest that a commercial analogy would be one of product placement
  • however, Adam doubts that without much more pushing and boosting of itself the promotion of Ardern will not exactly excite the electorate. Apparatchiks rarely excite anyone.
  • Ardern’s sole life experience appears to have been working as an operative in the Labour Party in NZ and the UK, hardly a great background.
  • Adam signally fails to see whatever it is the the PLT has that excites the media pack to such a frenzy. In fact Adam is inclined to remember a remark that Kenneth Kaunda supposedly made about David Owen, a medical doctor, who became Foreign Secretary under a Labour Prime Minister in the UK. Kaunda reportedly said on one occasion, after meeting Owen as the Foreign Secretary, ‘ I suppose he must have been a very good doctor’. In similar vein Adam inclines to the view that PLT must have been a very good apparatchik.
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  1. 27/09/2015 17:41

    Why do the media frenzy over Ms Ardern? Simple.

    She is photogenic.

    Welcome to the wonderfully superficial post-modern world of media, where content is optional but visuals mandatory.


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