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MSM, especially the SST, still suffering from KDS



This crude and silly cartoon is clearly an attack on John Key, but then what else does one expect from the Sensationally Stupid Tabloid and from Fairfax. Fairfax and many of their staff appear to have a bad case of Key Derangement Syndrome. The inclusion of the pig image is ridiculous and clearly designed to infer that Key is associated with unfortunate practices alleged and unproven, but attributed to UK PM David Cameron. The Pony image is similar. Neither as satire nor attack does this work. It is just pathetic and only demonstrates that the MSM has totally lost the plot.

The MSM need to rouse themselves from their state of torpor and actually seek to justify their existence, this tired repetition of hackneyed lines on behalf of the left may seem clever in their little Twitterverse, but merely irritates the electorate as a whole.

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